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Hi, not sure about your shoe size? Please continue reading.


Follow these steps to get the best size for your feet.

  • Find a wall and place a piece of A4 paper flush right at that wall
  • Wear your typical socks
  • Stand up straight on top of that A4 paper with your heels against the wall

  • When everything is ready, have someone to mark the longest part of your foot (heel-to-toe) using pen or pencil

  • Once marked, use a ruler to measure the length of the marked point (heel-to-toe). Preferably measured using cm.

  • Round off to have the best size for your feet.
  • After that, refer to one of these table according to your wished brand.


Untitled document - Google Docs.pdf (6).png


Untitled document - Google Docs.pdf (6).png


Untitled document - Google Docs.pdf (7).png

Hope this help!

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